Building a strong, communicative, and cohesive team is an integral part of being a successful and impactful nonprofit. I have always said that what happens inside the team happens outside with the population that we serve. With this philosophy I have developed strong leadership skills based in active listening, leading by example and inspiring my team to reveal their strengths and creativity.

In 2009 I earned a Master's Degree in Social Work from New York University and immediately began practicing as a psychotherapist at a community mental health clinic providing individual and group psychotherapy.  Since that time I have held a variety of executive nonprofit roles in Los Angeles.  I have worked in the nonprofit world for 20 years and am committed to exploring alternative healing methods and creating conscious communities through a variety of modalities.  

I specialize in developing mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholder organizations and engaging staff, board members, donors and volunteers in long-term strategic planning.

My grant writing background is characterized by my steadfast dedication to enhancing organizational performance and achieving—and often exceeding—fundraising objectives. I have a strong history of success in researching policies, submitting grant proposals, and uncovering alternative funding sources.  I have written LOI's and grant proposals for multiple organizations, overseen the fulfillment of grant requirements, produced progress reports, and successfully secured funds to accelerate the missions of each organization.

Visit my LinkedIn page for a detailed work and volunteer history.